About Thermomass

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Our Mission

For over 35 years, Thermomass has produced industry-leading insulation systems for concrete sandwich wall construction


At Thermomass, we are passionate about high-performance walls.

For over 35 years, we have helped customers from around the world design and build concrete sandwich walls that exceeded their expectations for durability, energy-efficiency and environmental responsibility. 

We take great pride that our insulation systems are the most stringently tested and widely trusted in the industry, but we know that our customers also depend on the unique, personal support that we offer through all phases of the project – from initial sketches to final walkthrough.

We learned long ago that the best projects are built on not one, but two cornerstones: superior products and trusted partnerships.


Thermomass will create and retain mutually beneficial long-term relationships with its customers, employees, and the community.

The success of Thermomass and its employees is interdependent. As an employer, Thermomass will create a challenging environment that emphasizes professional growth, rewards performance, and affords equal opportunity to all of its people. As employees, we will work together in a spirit of teamwork and mutual respect. We will always adhere to the highest standards of ethics.

Thermomass will be a good corporate citizen. It will actively support the economic, social, and cultural well being of our community.

Thermomass realizes that the only way it can achieve this vision is to be a financially strong, consistently profitable, and constantly growing. As we prioritize our activities, customer service is first, then profitability, and finally growth.

By fulfilling this vision, we will assure our future as one of the nation's most successful and respected companies for the manufacturing and marketing of concrete insulation systems world-wide.


Maintain unwavering customer focus.

Treat each other with mutual respect.

Make teamwork a priority.

Welcome and nurture creativity.

Strive for continuous improvement.

Maintain personal honesty and integrity.


Thermomass has thrived on community service. We donate management services as well as materials, labor, and money to assist worthwhile causes and projects.

Habitat for Humanities, Red Cross, and the Boys Club are among the organizations - large and small - to which we have made significant contributions.

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