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Thermomass System RS

Developed to meet Canada’s unique rain-screen requirements, this unique insulation system is a great choice for a number of hygro-thermal climate zones

Thermomass System RS is a unique insulation system which incorporates a vented cavity into a sandwich wall, capable of meeting Canada’s unique rain-screen requirements.

The total wall assembly consists of an architectural exterior wythe of concrete, an 11mm air-gap, rigid insulation at varying thickness to meet the desired R-value, Thermomass TL series fiber-composite connectors, a structural wythe of concrete, and an air-tight interior seal. This provides a cavity that is pressurized to match the exterior, architectural wythe of concrete. 

This is accomplished because the interior horizontal and vertical joints are sealed to be air-tight, creating an air/vapor barrier. The exterior joints are caulked but allow for the exchange of air through the introduction of weep holes. The cavity then allows any water that entered the joint or through penetrations in the panel to drain out.

While System RS was developed to meet Canada’s unique rain-screen requirements, many hygro-thermal climate zones benefit from the system.

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